"One Child - One Dog"
Mrs Françoise RANNOU
Ty Buddy - Botven


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Avec-Bernadette-Chirac.jpgThe association - Encouragements

Meeting with Bernadette CHIRAC

First Lady of France
January 22th 2007

With the encouragements of :

Mr Pierre Tchernia - Paris - France.
Surname "Mister Cinéma" on TV
Jump to filmographie as Director, Writer, Producer, Actor...
Mme Bernadette Chirac - Paris - France.
First Lady of France
God Mother of "opération Pièces Jaunes", who collect money for childen's hospitals
Mrs Marie-Christine Grenouilleau – Paris – France
Director of the Hospital Robert Debré, Paris

M. B. Downey – Monmouth – Great Britain
Chief of the private Hospital of "Centre St Briavels for the child's development

Prof. Hubert Montagner – Bordeaux – France
Director of Research at INSERM (child development's psychology specialist,
French pioneer of the ethology, president of the AFIRAC (French Association of Information and Research on the pet).

Mr Dominique Bernard – Paris – France
Delegated general of the foundation of Paris' hospitals – France's hospitals.

Dr Margaret Pendray – Canada
Official of the unit of research neonative of the "British Columbia Children's Hospital" in Vancouver

Association DOMINIQUE –Toulouse – France
Their motto is : "To act to live !"


Association les yeux d' Ambre - Locmiquelic - France.

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One Child – One Dog

To handle handicap,
it's easier to be two

Foster families needed

Foster families needed for 2month old golden retriever.
Ultimately becoming assistance dog for disabled children.

Contact Françoise 0297344760


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Association 'Un enfant - Un chien' : Face au handicap on est plus fort à deux !

' Un Enfant - Un Chien '
Ty Buddy à BOTVEN
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